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Suffield Chiropractor : Dr. Don Ledoux

Dr. Don Ledoux

“Although the results of my first chiropractic adjustment were amazing and the relief very welcome, truthfully, the overall experience wasn’t life altering…yet.”

“That would come a few years later through the experience of a good friend. Not one, but three medical doctors, including two orthopedists, agreed that carpal tunnel surgery was the only answer for her. While waiting for her upcoming surgery, she decided to pursue chiropractic care for her chronic headaches without even thinking that chiropractic care might help her carpal tunnel situation. In a few short weeks, to both our surprise, not only did her headaches go away, but so did the carpal tunnel symptoms…and not once did the chiropractor adjust her wrist. That was my turning point.

I was intrigued by chiropractic..

In that instant, I realized the chiropractor looked at the whole picture, not just the symptom. It became obvious to me the medical world focused on the treatment of symptoms where the chiropractor sought to remove the cause of those symptoms. I was intrigued and knew then I had to pursue chiropractic as a profession.

At the time, my position working in the Insurance Capital of the World as a customer service representative involved troubleshooting computer software and hardware problems. I loved helping people, fixing problems and working with my hands. Now, as a Chiropractor, I get to use those same skills every day helping people attain a higher quality of life. What could be more rewarding?”

Dr. Ledoux has a passion for life…and loves helping others live theirs to the fullest. Empowering people to reach new heights is his passion and he takes great pride in watching his practice members take responsibility for their health and watching them heal and grow. His philosophy concerning health is one of prevention and wellness where education and knowledge are key. He considers himself your Wellness Coach, teaching and inspiring you to get the vitality you want and deserve in life.

Chiropractic Education

Dr. Ledoux received his doctorate from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa. He also holds a B.S. degree in Communications from Worcester State College, MA.

Following graduation, as a representative of Palmer College, Dr. Ledoux was instrumental in establishing laws and bringing chiropractic care to the country of Hungary.

He opened his first clinic, Hollis Family Chiropractic Center, in Hollis, NH in 1997. He sold it in 2009 allowing him to move to Suffield, CT with his new bride, Lisa. Originally from Enfield, Ct, Dr. Ledoux is thrilled to be practicing back home.

“Thank you for visiting our website. Take some time to look around. If you have a health concern that you would like help with, or know someone that does, please call us or click here to email us your questions!. We’d love to meet with you…and, we hope your experience here will be your Turning Point.”

Dr. Don Ledoux

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